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Dr. Mahathir, a poem

Dr. Mahathir , I wait for the day.!

FMT LETTER: Raken Marimuthu,

Tun, Do you I know how much I love you

I admire, adore and appreciate you Tun

You are my Nelson Mandela of the East

Statesmen, a great leader and a visionary

You are the Father of our Nation,

Not only for Muslims but for all human beings

A humanitarian above caste creed and color

Above politics and petty issues of rabbles

Above borders, religion, cult and sectarianism

A classic leader whom the whole world respects

I wait for the day you will say I love all my people

I wait for the day you will say this country is for all

I wait for the day you will say all races are equal

I wait for the day you will say all must have equal opportunities

I wait for the day you will say let us all be united as Malaysians

I wait for the day the whole country will celebrate you as our hero

sourced : freemalaysiatoday/dr-mahathir-i-wait-for-the-day/

And my Rambling Thots and say:

Right on bro, and we can all wait till the cows come home and the pigs start to climb trees and roosters lay eggs as hens crow every morning or chicken and ducks start talking to each other in BM. etc etc or Samy Velu comes out of retirement and declares ” demolish all toll booths immediately!” But reality creeps in and we still have to wake up every morning.

Hopeful that the Tun does suddenly decide to stay out of politics and borrow few pages from his friend..the venerable living saint MADIBA, Nelson Mandela..

Until this day , many Malaysians are still unsure as to the true nature of TDM and what is really in his heart , whether he is really racist to the core , as most Malaysians want to/or convincingly believe , or he just cannot let go of the political power play.

It is sad actually to think that at our honorable  Tun’s age and , his very stature still able to occupy and command a very influential position with the hearts and minds of Malaysians. He chooses to use that powerful influence in the political arena instead of using his venerated standing to help in mending the rifts in our Malaysian society- which he easily can if he chooses to do so – and promote or generate more goodwill, affection and acceptance amongst  each other in our diverse multi cultural back drop and just let the other younger Turks play the political power game.

Dear Tun M, i wonder whether you have any idea of the respect , reverence and affection that you have amongst a  generation plus of Malaysians that grew up under your governance and prospered , witnessing the progress and prosperity you created under your watch and also , to be fair , the hiccups .

But  it hurts much more to see you damaging that reverence and respect for you with the recent exhibitions of attitudes and statements from you which have made  many to be uncertain and insecure of their impression of the great TDM and have their faith in their dear Tun shaken to the core..

Age catches up with everyone and won’t it be great , dear Tun Mahathir  , if Malaysians can witness a  journey of the final chapters of the saga of the great Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in a quest of  uniting hearts and minds, rather than attempt to forcefully dividing them with resentment , moulding into one singular force , collectively known as Malaysians !


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