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A real cause for concern ,the ministers in our Goverment.!

Racist remarks from our home minister, but more alarming is the encouragement to “shoot first” and overlook the “Tiga Line” Malay society, that his ministry have ruled to be an illegal secret society.
The foot is in the mouth … yet again…but they don’t seem to realise the damage they may potentially cause to the other  communities and even to ordinary law respecting citizens , in their over zealous quest to garner support from within their own political party.
 If outrageous statements were made merely by those who do not have a high public profile and immense burden of the nation’s security on their shoulders , but they are making statements in their personal capacities as members of their party, even though it may be controversial or inflammatory, along the lines of Ibrahim ALi or Zulkifly Nordin, to seek support from ultras in their parties, it will be begrudgingly tolerated ,and just provoke  caustic responses.
. But when irresponsible statements that touches on raw nerves are made by the home minister in the Goverment of the whole nation, who is sworn to protect and uphold the sanctity of the laws and our constitution, it is very alarming to ordinary citizens.
. A minister who is in charge of protecting the sanctity of the laws that they are not abused nor misused , but … the space of a 20 minute speech he implied that  ,  the PDRM either ” shoot first” or do a Kugan/ Dharmendran” on the perps.
The former will be the simpler way since the latter involves brutality that may spark an public uproar if things get out of hand and the perp succumbs to injuries.
 It is like he has just confirmed what the public have suspected all along, that trigger happy Standard Operating Procedures are indeed appiled as policies in the PDRM..And he ought to know , he is the boss of the PDRM.!
.According to Home minister’s perverse logic…criminals especially the  hardcore are like animals not deserving of human rights or protection of their rights as Malaysian citizens , so they deserve to be shot first if they break laws and commit crimes.
 Has anyone paused to consider especially  our Home Minister  that there is more at stake than  cops and robbers and basic human rights?
 It is also about the sanctity of the constitution and the laws of the land , Disrespect that and all meaning and sense of nationalistic pride of belonging to a decent society guided by law and order  is lost.
 Our honorable Home Minister  is sworn to uphold the very laws that are meant to protect or punish every Malaysian regardless of race/religion.
But the OPERATIVE word is punish ACCORDINGLY to the SACRED laws of the land.  Otherwise what is the point of legislating laws if it is going to be disregarded ?
What is the minimum criteria to be a goverment minister ?
 Even a ministry as high profile and important as the home ministry..
Whatever they are, intellectual wisdom and diplomatic tactfulness and a sense of responsibility and reverence to the rule of sacred constitutional laws doesn’t seem to be among them if the public impression of the current home minister is anything to go by.
  You just need to have a brutish bully mentality because you have been given the power which you can choose to use to the betterment of society or to abuse to  intimidate into submission others who ask questions of public concerns affecting our society  that you don’t wish to address.
And also, make irresponsible racist statements that implies disregard of the sacred constitutional laws we are supposed to be protected by and he is sworn to uphold..but again, when you are given the power to do so, you either honor them or abuse them ..and the latter is the classic stance of UMNO administrators of every level , from the  neighbourhood  UMNO secretary to the high level UMNO positions in Goverment..
                          And what can anyone do about it  ?         Absolutely nothing..!
Therefore in Malaysia, even a samseng  (thug or scoundrel ) can be a minister, no restrictions , endless possibilities…in bolehland..just need to be a UMNO member .
                                                                 Hooray..Malaysia Boleh!
( Just mulling  that in the space of a 20 minute speech , Zahid Hamidi successfully destroyed so much of his own credibility as a effective , patient , intellectual  , wise and trustworthy Home Minister with foresight  in the public ‘s eyes that one wonders if there is any hope at all to repair the damage he wrecked upon himself .
 He tries so hard in trying to impress onto the public as a very strong and decisive minister but instead , he actually made himself into a monstrosity of a bully who resorts to threats and intimidation rather than persuasion based upon valid points and strong arguments in favour .
 In honesty ,begrudgingly he scored a bit in presenting his case in favor of the preventive detention in his parlimentary address although not fully but did prompt contemplation among many )
And then , this 20 minutes of infamy forced upon public perception.
( He is what will be termed as  a horrifying nightmare to any good PR firm that has him as a client.
.Many other goverments spend years and millions in PR campaigns to increase popularity and create favorable impressions upon the public psyche and perception  by building up the personas of their ministers as  wise and capable personalities, even in China.
In our Home Minister’s  case , if any PR firm had spent years to build up the public persona of Zahid Hamidi , well , in 20 minutes, he effectively thrashed all the time and resources used and destroyed every  shred of credibility he will have had built up among the well informed and discerning  citizens – just as well , no such PR campaign existed  or — but then again- we never know ? )
DAP , Hindraf ,Gerakan , MIC , MCA perhaps Pakatan and PAS also should separately demand apologies from the 2 ministers that have been making inflammatory irresponsible racist statements and let the game continue .
Knowing for a fact that they will never apologize , because it will be an admission of wrong and they risk losing support from hardliners in UMNO.
 it will be a way of putting them in the spot and remind other UMNO hot shots to weigh carefully what racist rhetoric they put out to garner support from Ultra Racist UMNO members.
Still be interesting to see Zahid Hamidi’s  response to this fiasco due to the blatant racist remarks he made recently about the “shoot first and Tiga Line ” statements and see what he will do next in response.
Afterall he did issue a veiled threat to the journalist that they are dealing with “Zahid Hamidi”  –  his words exactly !
, he may just use the modified ISA as a initiation
Because those have been warned especially the  media , not to make public his speech but nonetheless ,it had been done.
So he has an excuse to show his true colors in retaliation – – probably something  that he has been itching to do .


As for  the other bigot , well ,  ali rustam is  just a “has been”,  not really interested in what he has to say about anything , he should just go back to the sawah padi and talk racism to himself and the pa chiks and mak chiks who have nothing better to listen to.

 Citizen Nades from The SUN

When mobile telephones and their related technology landed on our shores more than two decades ago, they were deemed as “telecommunications equipment” which enabled the people to stay in touch with each other without the need for telephone exchanges, wires and the other trappings of a land line.

Some of them at that time appeared to be weapons of destruction, one of which was the size and weight of a brick! Over the years, with the advent of modern technology, they have become smaller and have a host of applications.

The technological advancement has not stopped. What could be classified as an innovation today could become obsolete the next day. Instead of just being used to make calls, the mobile telephone can be used as a camera, a voice recorder and even a video player. And images and voices can be sent out at the press of a button to hundreds of people instantaneously.

It is because of this that certain countries chose to ban certain brands and applications because of the threat of abuse and for security reasons.

Many holding positions and those in high office take cognizance of these existing and innocent-looking gadgets and choose to be guarded when speaking in private knowing very well that the mobile telephone has other uses.

That was perhaps what Home Minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi did not take into account or deliberately chose to ignore when he made the threat of closing down newspapers in a speech last Saturday.

Unknown to him, someone in the audience had made a complete recording of his nonsensical tirade and his innocuous links to a secret society which had been banned by none other than his own ministry.

That audio recording has now gone viral and no one is paying any heed to his threat and the Chinese Newspaper Editors Association has urged Zahid to retract his threat.

The threat aside, what was more shocking was his endorsement of the Tiga Line underworld group, calling them his friends and urging them to do what they needed to do.

Tiga Line, he thundered, weren’t thugs and were in fact some form of benevolent gangsters that only turned up at festivals.

“I tell our Tiga Line friends, do what should be done,” he can be heard in the recording, which has now been made available in several internet sites.

His remarks drew loud cheers from the room, and he took it further by taking a racist line when he declared that Malays were the usual victims.

“The largest drug dealers are Chinese, the smaller ones are Indians and the users are Malays. In internet gambling, the bosses are Chinese, operators are Indians and patrons are Malays.

Therefore the victims are Malays,” Zahid is heard saying, adding that he is home minister due to Malay support that made him Umno vice-president.

It is understandable the minister is in the race for a senior party post but to take a racial stance on victims of crime is certainly the bottom of the pits.

Using crime to pit one race against the other is not acceptable. Crime has no race barrier. Using imagination and not foresight, the minister has chosen to conjure his own reasons without any facts or figures, just to win a few brownie points for the sake of his career and political expediency.

It is obvious that he has little respect for the law; pays no heed to common sense; lacks good judgment and has no self-esteem by resorting to such levels of disgusting popularity-gaining efforts.

Besides, the threat to close newspapers goes against the basic grain of the prime minister’s promise of easing up on press freedom. What message are we sending out to the people when the minister openly defies and derides the country’s No. 1 and his own plans for a fully-developed nation?

How will the PM face an international audience when a member of his own cabinet makes such unwarranted threats and attacks? How will he be able to defend his policies when renegades start putting their foot in the mouth?

I am writing this article from the heart – fully aware of the consequences. I am well aware that a fellow journalist was arrested for “her own protection”. I very well know that I could incur the wrath of the Lord and Master.

Silence is no longer an option for those who choose to call themselves journalists. For our dignity and pride, we have to stand and say our piece on those who choose to ride roughshod over us.

Politicians should no longer be allowed to use journalism as cannon-fodder for their actions or the lack of them. Or for that matter, for political gain and political glory.

If we want to practise good journalism to serve as the eyes, ears and mouths of fellow Malaysians, we cannot be practitioners with the Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads.

R. Nadeswaran believes that bullying and threats have to stop to allow journalists to practise their craft


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