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The “Vices” of UMNO..

Vice…defined as immoral or wicked behaviour

  1. synonyms: immorality, wrongdoing, wickedness, badness, evil, iniquity, villainy,corruption, misconduct, misdeeds;

    sin, sinfulness, ungodliness;
    depravity, degeneracy, dissolution, dissipation, debauchery,decadence, lechery, perversion;
    crime, transgression;
    ” Ambitious politician driven to vice”

never mind the other definition..look it up yourselves but …

My goodness – look at the definitions for Vice , i swear i have nothing to do with the explanations above..

But read and visualize the words . most of them have a so familiar ring to it , that reminds us of the qualities of many of our politicians .


CO incidentally ..UMNO has elected their  VICE– Presidents.

Comfortable wins for Zahid, Shafie & Hisham

The official results released at 1.45am show Zahid winning 185 votes and Shafie 174.

Hisham, who is also the PM’s cousin, has 100 votes while Mukhriz garnered 91.

Ali Rustam and Isa Samad obtained 7 votes each.

“I am grateful to the grassroots leaders and members for putting their trust in me to continue the work I have been doing for the past five years,” Zahid, who had won the most number of votes, said in a statement.


There you have it , UMNO has spoken ..Mahathir’s influence is waning..can’t buy nor count upon his old school support.

Zahid… Tough guy bully impression portraying yourself  as a gangster mentality , making racist statements and projecting yourself as a ultra Malay supremacist does pay off  afterall. Doesn’t hurt either to be occupying the very powerful Home Ministry hot seat..Power wins votes and support.  This may not sit well with Najib and Rosmah, who may feel threatened by him and that their throne is vulnerable.but they need Zahid’s ‘macho’ image and charisma to plug the weakness in Najib’s own persona.   Cousin Hisham, when he was Home Minister, had tried the tough guy image but ended up looking like a court jester, The feather in  his dunce cap h as to be  “Outlawing “Bersih”.. Surprisingly , not easy to be a bad guy  UMNO style….

But not for Ali Rustam who had used the same racist approach..wanting to champion the Malay agenda going ultra Malay but attacking the Chinese ,  stupid , I’d can be a racist politician without a direct attack on others and open yourself up to retaliation without the resources to have a self defensive wall. .  He still has much to learn,  if he can survive.. but he has nothing to bring to the table…a “Has Been”. Now He can really go back to the.. “sawah padi” and talk racism to the Pa Ciks and Ma Ciks. Provided it is not harvesting season.Otherwise even they will no time time to “layan”   the fella.

Hisham..blood relations is bloody useful, Dey…direct link to the PM  and wife..”.sepupu dia itu.”Don’t play play.

Mukhriz, too bad  but do not write him off..He will be the one to watch. And when he makes a will be with all guns blazing like a character in the movie “The Expendables”. I can see him as the dude Chuck Norris portrayed,,One man army who took on the whole terrorist bunch and blew away most of their body parts.. The lone wolf who  picks off his targets one at a time. “bang bang, just blew the guys head off, bang..! right on , there goes his guts flying everywhere.  Love this weapon” Thank you Daddy for such a nice Toy..

Shafie Abdal…Who is that ? Oh Rural minister..literally and otherwise. not interesting or controversial yet to give attention to..

Just we well he got in, other wise the Sabahans will have another excuse , Peninsular politicians look down on and  discriminate against their East Malaysian counterparts, another excuse for seceding from Malaysia and be independent..

And Isa …who…????


waythamurthy…wayTha minute.!

Malaysian Insider news article:

Another minister tells Waytha to go if he can’t toe the line

The Defence Minister has joined a growing chorus calling on Deputy Minister P Waythamoorthy to resign from his Cabinet position if he wants to act like a representative of a non-governmental organisation.

Echoing Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who made the same call yesterday, Datuk Hishammuddin Hussein said Waythamoorthy, the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, should think rationally before making statements now that he is in government..

“Being emotional on it is not the right way of a leader. I support Datuk Zahid….101 percent. As Cabinet ministers we have to be responsible

( but it is exactly the problem here, WaythaMurthy is thinking rationally for once and expressing his very responsible remark to his own concerned community , and poor sod is being held to task and villified for it )

“We cannot place our personal political interest above the collective interest of the government,” he said after meeting US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel in Kuala Lumpur today.

Ahmad Zahid had told the former Hindraf leader to quit his Cabinet position after Waythamoorthy had questioned the police shooting of five alleged gang members.

“In the war against crime, there should be no quarter given to criminals,” Ahmad Zahid had said. ( Except for  criminals on assault charges , that type of  lawbreakers can be allowed not only a quarter but even 3 quarters or make up one whole.) ( at the same token no quarter given also includes condoning  cold blooded  execution of human beings aka Malaysians who break the law)

Waythamoorthy had said he will not be silent on issues just because he is in the government. ( and so Waytha , you gotta put up or shut up or get the heck out) (full report)



What gives? Hishamudin covering Zahid’s back..?

But then it  also has the same stench from the same toilet that he was not able to clean up during his shift as the toilet maintenance guy. Now it falls on Zahid Hamidi to purify the smell and clean up the reeking stench emanating from the department..

But Waytha is appointed by default means He ought to be in Najib’s Waytha turning out to be a wild stallion that Najib is having a hard time to rein.

It may also mean that Najib is having second thoughts on his decision to appoint WayThamurthy , figuring that He doesn’t need him afterall..? He did do admirably well garnering the Malay votes which turns out is enough to keep him in place. He doesn’t need the support of the other communities if the  results of the GE  13 were any indicators

So he just needs to go all out to consolidate his standing among the Malay electorate and that will be enough. All others be damned ,for all he cares. Main thing now is to endear himself and UMNO to the Malay voters and  he will do just fine.

WaythaMurthy. ? A useless liability? Nothing useful Waytha can contribute to his  table or stable. Not much of a vote bank or community support to draw from seeing as  Waytha’s  own ethnic community’s support base seems to have abandoned him in droves. .

Get rid of him and good riddance ..”Tak Boleh pakai “,  just like the products and grads of our Education system.

Najib has to use the combined forces of his cousin and Zahid now  and more recently , Najib’s poster boy of suave and intellect ,the Berhormat-ted , OX-ed educated of a  Minister, K. J  ,   and probably few “more influential” voices that may emerged if it really comes down to that and he will need to borrow  more firepower or  manpower to send a message  to  get him to pack his bags or fall in line and  Kiss his hand whenever He extends it to Waytha’s face .

Waytha is supposed to kiss and lick the Hand,,ai..yo yo…Not bite IT..!

So it will be interesting to note whose voices will emerge calling for the ouster of Waythamurthy..since it can be  ascertained by the names whose side they  are on.

Whether it is from Najib’s camp  or the other side of UMNO..or sending a message on Whose side They want to be seen on. or will be setting up camp..

So far Zahid Hamidi- Hishamuddin , KJ , all undoubtedly Najib’s unwavering and grateful loyal sidekicks.. and  the voices that may surface in a common call for Waytha’s resignation can be an indicator of who are  Najib’s supporters within UMNO and who is the battle lines are drawn pre election and the troops align themselves behind their preferred Generals who will make their positions clear in days to come..


As for WaythaMurthy , he should take to heart these  Chinese sayings from the 36 stratagems..

Borrow knife to dispose of  person ?” or  more accurately ” Killing with a borrowed knife.” which essentially means borrowing other’s people power to help  eliminate a threat. When one doesn’t want to reveal themselves, “borrow a knife” (from an outside force) to eliminate a threat. By doing this, other’s people power can be used for  own gain.

Creating rivalry among two groups is a powerful way to borrow other’s people power. It may be possible  to swallow up one or both groups once they are exhausted from their bitter rivalry.

Creating distrust and anger between your enemy’s leader and followers is also another way to borrow people’s power. Either the leader or the followers will be removed in the end. Either way, your competitor will become powerless. That is what it means to “kill with a borrowed knife”.

( mull over the split in Hindraf now ,Uthaya and Waytha camps and contemplate on this strategy above ? )

” funeral service is over , no more need for the taoist priest” or ” pulling the plank after crossing the bridge !” –

Both the above phrases basically  suggest ingratitude after one was recruited to help neutralize or counter threats that could have been destructive to an organization or individual  but  after the design was accomplished and problem solved , then the one recruited  is discarded like rubbish – of no more further use, seems to be a very popular tactic in political game plays.
Waytha needs to urgently decide- whose side does he want to be on..before the UMNO battle royale. (take no prisoners) erupt s..

And that also explains why  Najib has been so quiet all this time. but in actual fact his Silence is Deafening!

Why say anything when everything you say will be twisted and used back against you anyway..and also when you can have others who will gladly take the heat for you and be the bad cops.


Police needs to be on the Good Moral side not on the Evil  Dark side of the Force.

Yet  in good conscience , it needs to be considered that  the police are not the criminals and law breakers they hunt down and apprehend, a clear division must exist between good guys and bad guys..that has something to do with morality and human decency !

otherwise , what is the difference between law breakers and law enforcers , if all are stone cold killers , acting as reprehensibly as each other?

Police have a moral responsibility to respect and uphold the sanctity of our country’s laws. just because gun toting criminals may shoot and murder in cold blood, policemen cannot/must not have the same mentality as them . that is what separates the criminal low lifes / scumbags and our noble respected law enforcers.
if the police are just mindless  trigger happy killers , executing criminals at whim, then what is the difference between both ? It can also be classified as cold blooded murder unless of course they were in a firefight and had to shoot to kill justifying self defence . But if , for sake of argument , the criminals had been disarmed and neutralized, but they were still executed in cold blood?

Many will think, dangerous armed crooks who were shot and killed deserves what they get for breaking the law.! But if they were really executed in cold blood , then there is no separation of the law and which side the police  are on.  It will be like a lawless, wild wild west shoot 1st, ask later.
Police must always be on the moral high ground, no doubt , appreciated and honored for risking their lives upholding the country’s laws and protecting the public’s security.
But if the cops break the laws they uphold, then meaning and significance of their role is lost. Therefore they cannot be or act like the criminals they  hunt  or else they will risk being labelled as criminals with badges, licensed to kill ? Not a good image.

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