Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia


As the PAC chairman ,Nur Jazlan will be privy to confidential info on 1MDB that may be incriminating but not allowed to be revealed to the public,.

And  info that PM Najib’s camp will be very interested in ,as to what and how much the PAC investigations have come up with.

That will be a very interesting position for Nur Jazlan to be in. Now that  Nur Jazlan is appointed  minister that give rise to conflict of interests, so he resigns from the chairperson of PAC..

.A situation that also holds up investigation and just when things are heating up and close to conclusions that may result in arrests.. His ministerial appointment happens- the timing that leaves many wondering if it is a Delay tactic of PM Najib’s camp ,being executed from  amongst their contingency scripts for counter strategies , in dealing with 1mdb.

And  besides that , also since  Nur Jazlan has been wif the investigation since it started,will it affect anything with him pulling out? Can it slow down the investigation or allow justifications to put things on hold, even gives a passable “excuse,”to the highly anticipated and potentially damaging incriminating high profile witnesses “need to” attend – the scheduled PAC  hearing.

With 1MDB things as tenous/ fragile as they are – any excuse, no matter how flimsy,as long as it can justify that no action can be taken if the witnesses evade testifying,  will be shamelessly exploited!

In light of all the events past few days-cabinet reshuffle and terminations etc..- particularly the sudden replacement of the AG without due notice -? Could it have been a pre emptive action to prevent what damage or havoc the AG  may have been intending  for whatever reason-to clear a troubled conscience or something more sinister of the other extreme-before he officially resigns in a few months?

As Delay Tactics  to thwart 1mdb linked situations, what has happened seem to be effective to a degree..


As for the sudden pre-emptive strike of PM Najib against his detractors from within his own political organization.!

One can imagine the thoughts of the PM as he thumbs his nose on those who wants his head and that he resigns..!

” Told ya ! Money is King- I am invincible ! You can’t touch me! I ve still got the power to promise favours and positions and money to buy all the sycophant’s support ! Integrity, Principles ? Set aside lah or Name a Price for those qualities..

Look at Me Now- I am gonna rub salt In your Faces and what can you guys do about it? Your move!”

Yup-It is going to get really interesting from now as the situation gets more tense and as yet,still early to tell who ll have the upper the PM and his dwindling group of defenders fends off onslaught from many separate camps..Fortunately ,His detractors have not formed any united alliance ,and their onslaught has different intensities.- some merely critical on PM’s actions but some – at all cost must resign -borderline vicious.

With the cabinet reshuffle and termination, it remains to be seen if there will be any changes in Govermental discharging of duties in a more principled accountable and transparent ways.

And probably, won’t need to wait very long to find out what mettle,are the new ministers.

And even the newly appointed AG,  as eventually  the 1MDB investigations will wind up to a conclusion, and turns out arrest are made,some will eventually end up with the AG’s chambers.
And all will see if this new AG Apandi’s appointment has been  politically motivated, with suspicions of pre-emptive positioning for handling 1mdb linked cases or that Malaysians will have a breath of fresh air with a honorable”No Fear nor Favour” new AG.

The man on the street and a large proportion of Malaysians will certainly say that-  there are prerequisites for promotion under the current PM Najib’s  administration and  as it has been administrations past under UMNO/BN.

As an example-
Just Like the PM Najib friendly IGP,  when he took over the position and high profile rank promotion as top cop of the country.

And ever since He has been made to “work so very hard to Earn his promotion and show to PM Najib’s administration that they deserve Him as IGP.   Needing to use so much of his energy and resources at his disposal expended on mainly defending the PM and of course his ruling political party from media or NGO onslaughts.-clamping down on voices of dissent and detractors -many of which are from the opposition political parties. .

And perhaps now more challenging than ever,is on how he  will handle the 1MDB affair and more seriously is the allegations of  conspiracies of “Toppling the Goverment” and present his conclusions after investigations to a impatient suspicious public.

For the IGP need to address and present his case logically to explain to the public – How is it “Toppling the Goverment”? when what is being demanded  by many ,including leaders from same political party of the goverment-seems to be for the current individual in the position to vacate the PM’s seat?

Everything else is still going to be the same and in place.,perhaps a reshuffling of cabinet ministers  yet.-power is still with UMNO/BN whom will still be the same Goverment- The business of Governing UMNO style is not going to be drastically revolutionalized.

The PM’s office is still intact and as powerful -,just occupied by another human being from UMNO whose name is not Najib Razak.

. Maybe now he can sigh a little in relief.!

Because— now- with the Cabinet reshuffling by PM Najib showing his stamp of authority ,for the time being, ,among the 4 most powerful Ministerial portfolios in the country-PM-DPM- Finance-Home- are concentrated in the hands of 2 Ministers.

And another -Defence -is controlled by the PM’s allied cousin.,meaning Police ,Military and Money is in their capable  united hands of solidarity.

In terms of stability, and show of a united front, at the moment ,the GOVERMENT is strong and unshakeable .! about power consolidation and and concentration..!


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