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How far will mais,jais/isma go-and allowed to go?

In light of the extremism being pushed to the limit,in recent days ,as far as public opinion is concerned,it is an alarming trend,that so far has no conclusion in reach.

What with all the concerted focus of accusing the christians of conspiring to proselytize muslims.And the many other controversial spates involving muslims and christians.Soon as one controversy ebbs,another surfaces.

And with intentionally inflammatory remarks made by high profile  individuals .and religious organizations.

Statements that are undoubtedly designed to invite resentment between the racial/religious divide.

FROM Isma,Jais,Mais, ReduanTee to certain ministers ,ex judges ,and the ever present Perkasa. It really prompts the alarming question.Just how far or extreme will they go to forment hate and more worrying is how far does the goverment want them to go?

How far will the hate mongers be allowed to go,before the government deems it over the limits and reins them in a little? How much hate and resentment do they feel is adequate to have fulfilled its objective of rile divide and rule.

How much madness malfeasance os deemed enough?

OR will they not stop till all limits are breached and they succeed in pushing the targeted quarter over the cliff. Is there a conclusion to the lunacy?

In the minds of many Malaysians,they undoubtedly believe that some sinister design is being engineered ,that is the reason behind all the attempts to induce spite or resentment between the ethnicities,in order to gain a  desired result.

OF  some diabolical agenda to retain power at all cost,even if it means violence or blood spilled.


So far most of the vitriol in religious controversies has being directed at the christians .Accusations of conspiracies to proselytize Muslims .

Very public scathing attacks on Christians in general,lumping all together in some mass nefarious plot to turn Malaysia into a Christian country.

Meaning involvement of both the Catholics and the dozens of Protestant denominations,grouping all the Christians together in one massive conspiratory organization.

Do they even realize how absurd that premise is? Even the Pope cannot manage such a feat as to get the Catholics and Protestants to be in full consensus of Christian doctrines and ideology with each other,and here we have,our Malaysian ,self professed experts in Christianity, insisting that the Christians are united in a common aim to  convert Malaysian muslims.

Or that there is some shadowy world power,along the lines of the Illuminati,Freemasons and even a Jewish/Zionists plot to destabilize the country,in a conspiracy fueled by greed.

Maybe i can suggest another conspiracy to throw into the mix,to balance things a little,not only Christians can conspire after all. Maybe ,a conspiracy to stay in power by dismantling the secular nature of our constitutional laws and replacing it with a Islamic republic,like Iran minus the Shiite ism.or an Islamic monarchy like Brunei.Or even copy Pakistan,secular in nature but much more Islamic in practice.

Yup,the Muslim Brotherhood is in town,exiled from Egypt, here to lend a helping hand to Malaysia,to carve out a oath to absolute authoritarian dictatorship..

That will be a fantastic premise for a fiction novel for conspiracy authors,using real world organizations and events to conjure their sensationalized novels.

And they will be comfortable here in Malaysia,picking the already imaginative brains of the many Christian/Jewish conspiracy tbeorist for inspiration.


Back to the serious reality happening in current affairs of Malaysia.Will the extremists continue and move on to target the other nons and their respective faiths,which have so far not been made issues yet.? If just confronting the Christians can be so bruising,imagine how ugly it can get,if the the other faiths are also not spared the vitriol.

One fact doesn’t escape many,is that all the viciousness started post GE13. It is a well remembered spectacle pre election of PM Najib,trying his damndest to win over hearts and minds of the nons,especially the CNY message if him deck out in the gloriest of red chinese wardrobe,in a hand clasping gesture wishing good luck to all ,speaking mandarin.

BUT,when it all crashed around him in the worst showing of election results,almost the entire community abandoned BN or specifically UMNO wholesale.

Everything started unraveling.

Didn’t take too long for UMNO   to  show their true colours.Survival instincts kicked in.and now within 2 years under PM of UMNO’ s stewardship.

.The Malaysia of now,especially the relations between the races has been taking a beating.The goodwill slowly evaporating and dissolving into a volatile potion of resentment and bitterness that gets more potent by the day.

All because,Malaysians were fed up with chronic mismanagement of the country and the corrupted abuses of power committed by BN and all predecessor administrations before Najib,s shift.

Which brings to mind another isuue of morality and conscience and responsibility.

What head of state of any country will stand idly by and allow the society within to implode,and do nothing, despite witnessing a gradual deterioration of inter ethnic harmony and goodwill,that had taken decades to develop, go on a treacherous path of intercommunal clash.

WHAT type of leader will do that to his own people,? What kind of a man will such a leader be and what substance is he made from?

It is akin to an ultimate betrayal of the worst kind..and the act of betrayal is merely by a conscious decision to say nothing and do nothing to intervene,as the people goes towards a path of eventual confrontation.when as the leader of the country, he must assert his authority to nip things in the bud,and at the same time,send out a firm no nonsense message to all who are thinking to  challenge his lawful authority and power from the highest office of the nation.No fear nor favour to any quarter.

Disrespect and break the laws,you will be held accountable.

Another suspicion of many is that,it may all be a diabolical plot to retain their grip on power,which is slipping away from their hands.and that which the PM is party to.A treacherous design to engineer inter communal strife using the most effective tool as weapon to drive a wedge into the racial mix, which enables political expediency to manipulate.

And that allegation if it has any substance to it,will qualify it as the most treacherous betrayal of all.In a quest to retain hold on power,the very well being of a whole nation of people,of a beautiful diversified multi cultural mix,across race and faiths.



And the spirit of a country that is still a functioning democracy,in an immature stage, with flaws and abuses . To be sacrificed, betrayed by an elite few.who will stop at nothing to satiate their lust ,greed for power.Unwitting pawns in a power struggle. Such is the treachery..

And therefore,what type of humans and how do they view their own humanity.?What is their moral compass?



Civil and Sharia law on collision course?

There will eventually come a point when even PM Najib will have his authority challenged, At the rate things are happening now.

As the religious dimension builds in fervour whipped into mindsets by the constant barrage of all things religious are noble, especially Islamic. And that it  is the honourable way to be confrontational, for the faith is being threatened.Therefore,it is the moral obligation of muslims to go on the offensive against their fellow citizens,who are egregiously not of the same religion.

Challenging times indeed,for the non muslims sharing the country.

Even our PM risk his authority being challenged.If for instance at some point,he speaks up for  a violation of the constitutional laws by some quarter which may be in contradiction of sharia laws.Still he has no option but he has to be on the side of the secular laws tht he as the PM governs the country by.

If in the past,when non muslims are involved in controversies with Muslims somehow,amicable compromises can be agreed on.

But lately, things have degenerated into intolerable and uncompromising attitudes on the side of the Islamic organizations.

Fuelled by child conversion controversies, interruptions of marriage and funeral.Tussle over Allah word,confiscation of bibles.etc The very public accusations of conspiracies and character mauling of the non muslims..The intensity of the scathing attacks somehow have allowed the extremist to get more influential and traction onto mindsets of a segment of the Muslim society.

So,if our PM gets embroiled in a contentious situation,between sharia and civil courts,he  may need to ram into a near invincible wall of  perceived religious supremacy that all things Islamic are right and noble and morally on higher ground.

A perception which he and his political party and goverment has help create.

That,inadvertently ,has converted some hitherto moderate muslim mindsets into being more extremist and even caused some to verge on fanaticism.

That even our law enforcers and ministers,and the authorities of the current  BN/UMNO administration . Powerful,wealthy and influential many of them are,but fear to tresspass into the domain of the religious extremist and purist,or to confront their influence,despite the extremist pushing the limits of acceptable decorum in civil society..

Intimidated by the prospect they may challenge back, and our so called authorities actually worry that they may lose the pissing competition with them who has the Faith aka Islam backing them up.

There may come a time when even a secular directive from the PM,may be questioned or ignored by the extremist in our midst.if it is not to their approval. Already,one such precedent has occured,when a minister from the PM dept had a directive that was not acted upon but ignored ,but not by any extremist but by a one whose authority it was to uphold or enforce the laws that governs civil society.But refuse to do so worried of offending the religious quarter,n and risk getting caught in between a crossfire between the civil and sharia laws.

He was technically,the person with the highest law enforcement authority of the nation.but he chose to sit on his hands and in the process,disregard and disrespect the constitutional laws,in essence making him betray the spirit of the secular laws,designed to protect civil society.

And his choice was to pander and stay neutral.

Rather than to be a stern no nonsense law enforcer that his job demanded.Sacrificing what respect and professional integrity of the authority of his rank and office he representated.The top law enforcer of the country , Rather hold our laws in contempt than to take on a potential ISLAMIST controversy.

 If the situation is allowed to carry on. It is just a matter of time when, some other civil servant refuses to follow directive from the PM himself,because of some religious principle and protestation.

The secular laws of our constitution and the sharia laws ,although fairly separate now.but if unchecked seems to be on a collision course trajectory with each other,and may be not that distant future.

As of this posting,the Attorney General together with the Chief Minister,s combined authority in a directive to lower ranked civil  organizations of Islamic affairs,has had their authority ignored.going so far as to questioning the directive and saying both the AG and the Chief Minister is wrong.Devoid of the respect to the authorities of both offices, because,of the presumption of their roles of religious officers,doing Allah,s bidding,therefore , they are not wrong and incapable of mistakes.. Probably misinterpreting their arrogance and conceit as divine pride.

Incapable of error because “Almighty”is  on their side,and they are merely doing “HIS” bidding.

And of course,they ought to know,since they are ostensibly the experts of interpretation of Islamic laws in Malaysia,?? If the name of the agencies they are from is anything to go by.Non muslims especially will accept that in face value.

Since afterall ,the words ,Islamic affairs,and implications of the weight of those words upon the average Malaysian non muslim psyche,is to approach with delicate caution.For it can be potently explosive if mishandled.

Mais refusal to return bibles.?

Is this about losing FACE. ?

Because after all the brouhaha over the raid on BSM and confiscation of the bibles. THE Religious zealots of this  Islamist group always maintained their position as the morally superior action.

Therefore having have to be directed by the AG and MB to return the bibles,is akin to adn admission that perhaps they made a mistake and overstepped their boundary. BUT OF COURSE, it will be hard to swallow,this bitter pill.

It will also be perceived by them that they have lost this small battle,in their holy crusade against the Christians.

Being told to return the bibles means that they have to acknowledge failure and defeat.

Which probably explains why,they rather dispose of the bibles or destroy the holy Christian books than to return them to BSM

. Mana mahu letak muka, if they do that?

Arrogant mindsets are very sore losers.

And in this situation,they are so conceited in their pride, that they dare to risk the wrath of the authoruties by challenging their powers, for they can’t bear the thought of losing to christians,which is their warped perception of this situation.

SO disposing or destroying the bibles instead of returning them,will give them a perverted sense of claiming a win in the moral ground.

Also,they are counting on the fact that they will likely get their way,because they plan to use the Islam card.,and milk it of all it has got.

Don’t hold your breadth,there is every likelihood that the Islamist will be able to bully or intimidate the authorities to pander to them,yet again.!

IGP Tan Sri Khalid,with all due respect!

In due respect to the PDRM institution.

And to the authority of law enforcers across the country.

The people respect the laws and enforcement agencies.


AND the IGP Tan Sri.Khalid.

The respect is given to the position of the title of  IGP of the country.

THE people can respect the office and the person holding the

rank of the top cop of Malaysia.

Yes Sir, we can respect the person and the authority behind the office.

We do respect the PDRM institution,

but, regrettably, we cannot with a good clear conscience,

say that we

respect the stance of the IGP in relation to how he has

chosen to ignore in a dereliction of duty of the noble Malaysian police.

,in response to the clear contempt of court actions,

by an individual, and the IGP reluctance  to take action.,

because he seems overly concerned over smearing populist image and

also to appease the religious segment

,instead of carrying out the duties of enforcing the law

against a illegal act of defiance

IGP chooses to pander rather than to be stern even despite that ,his

authority as the no. 1 policeman in the country

and the laws he is supposed to be upholding is openly defied.,

dragging down not only the institution he is in charge of

,but also giving disrepute to the civil courts of law that made the judgment.

The role of law enforcers in any Democratic country is to uphold the

laws and to take action whenever said laws are breached.

Laws are like the threading that holds the fabric of functioning

secular democratic nations together.

But when the very institution entrusted to uphold the laws,

in the interest of national security, are among those who breach them,

or ignores their duty bound obligation or worst yet,

seem to be meek and without authority when they face certain organizations.

Even quoting this current situstion,the most powerful police officer in the country

Is afraid to take action,because he is worried that he msy offend a segment of people

Is not a good portend of things to come.

,it can be an ominous foreboding of

An institution threading a wayward path of a nation being led

by disoriented and misguided leaders

, that has lost the sense of direction on where they

want to steer the country towards.


Tan Sri Khalid, law enforcement is not a popularity contest.

Neither are law enforcement agencies, political organizations.

Winning the confidence and respect of the public doesn’t work

With pandering or trying to appease zealots or extremist in our midst.

Neither is it about avoiding contentious controversial issues.

PDRM’s  role in our society is to uphold and enforce laws

which are based on wise expert knowledge of the laws viz judgments

of honorable judges,after hearing legal arguments representing

both sides by experts of the laws also.

Lawyers with years of study and credentials.

Please IGP sir, the legal process of our judiciary

must not be undermined by

a rash whimsical decision not to offend,and to be neutral.



Policing a country is a very serious business.Law enforcement should not

Make room for whimsical sentiments playing games of diplomacy.

That is not the domain of police officers who to be effective in discharging their

Duties needs to be respected and feared as disciplined professionals.

Above all,uncertainty in enforcement when laws are clearly breached

Indisputably seen by all ,is  a desperate display of weakness of the police


But made worst when this uncertainty to action is displayed by the

no.1 police officer of the nation.

A ripple effect that may reverberate throughout the nation

Causing more damage to the already dented reputation of the police force.


Sir, PDRM has only one purpose,which it must abide by

No matter what.

to uphold the laws determined by the courts,

however unpopular it may be.

for as long as there is a valid claim of having law to uphold,

the moral high ground is legitimate and no one can challenge that.


Tan Sri Khalid, you are leading the highly respected PDRM  institution on

a treacherous wayward path of subservience to master puppeteers.

Tearing to shreds, slowly, the good name and

smudging the reputation of the PDRM


So, please Tan Sri Khalid,leave politics to the politicians.

And interpretation of laws to the judiciary

and legislators to debate application.

It has never been the role of PDRM to be anything but

to uphold and enforce.

Return to the public, what the public has lost.

The trust and respect of PDRM by the public.

That can be achieved only by professionalism,integrity

dedication to serve and protect without prejudice.

IGP Khalid, It is on your shoulders now to lead the institution

to regain lost credibility and lost honor and glory


As the Top Cop of the nation,you cannot afford to Cop Out.

,which sadly is the message you are sending now,

with the statements and position you have taken over the child custody cases.

Dire state of affairs, indeed tragic for decent law abiding citizens,

who have placed their trust in the law enforcers to safe guard

their sense of security and well being.

As they bear witness to the grievous offensive upon their confidence,

on the pledge of the nation’s police  personnel,

who have sworn to protect and serve,

their fellow countrymen with no fear nor favor

, indiscriminately enforcing justice that all who respects

and abide by the sanctity of the spirit of law and order, can benefit.

But Tan Sri Khalid, how can we feel assured of the future well being

of a nation built on the foundation  of law and order,

for our children when the institution entrusted to safeguard the

noble ideals and spirit of a civilised society,

seem to be participating or  spearheading the movement

to disrespect and repudiating the ideals and aspirations of


the founding fathers of this nation ,

who had  written the constitutional laws designed to encompass

and protect all in our multi-ethnic, cross cultural identities, collectively known as Malaysians.

Which laws does PDRM serves and uphold and enforces?

Return Deepa’s boy, PM’s Dept tells cops
June 5, 2014

Nancy Shukri says police should heed court decisions.

seeba300x200PETALING JAYA: The Prime Minister’s Department has urged the police to ensure the return of S Deepa’s abducted son to her home.

Referring to a court decision sanctioning force in taking away the 6-year-old boy from his Muslim father, Minister in the PM’s Department Nancy Shukri told reporters today police should take whatever action would be necessary to reunite the child with his Hindu mother.

“From what I’ve read in the media, Deepa’s ex-husband, who had converted to the Muslim religion, took their son with him after the Seremban High Court had given custody to the mother,” she said.

“The police should take the son away from the father and return him to the mother as the courts have been fair in their verdict.”

On May 27, Izwan Viran Abdullah lost his appeal against the Seremban High Court’s April 27 decision to grant custody of his two children to Deepa following their divorce. The Court of Appeal said police could use force to recover the boy from Izwan.

Nancy would not give a specific comment on last Sunday’s disruption of a Hindu wedding by officials of the Selangor Islamic Department (Jais).

“On the federal government’s side, we cannot be involved and speak on behalf of Selangor state,” she said.

“However, the government is currently working towards resolving religious and child custody issues between parents.

“After two recent meetings of a joint committee, we have identified mediation as a mechanism to resolve legal issues that involve Muslim converts and their former partners who are non-Muslims.

“The details are still being worked out.”

She was referring to a committee set up last

It is chaired by her and Jamil Khir Baharom, another minister in the PM’s Department. Nancy is the de facto Law Minister and Jamil Khir is in charge of religious affairs.



Sourced: return-deepas-boy-pms-dept-tells-cops




Nancy Shukri is from PM’s dept, essentially, she is like PM’s mouthpiece ,representing the dept ,and doubt that she will dare to issue statements without consultation.and clearance from her immediate boss. .Najib will have her head,if she goes above his head,.

Meaning occasionally, glimpses of sanity can be detected from our PM.( Phantom Minister)

But at least it is a postive that gives a sense of relief that not all is madness.


Which Laws does the PDRM serves and upholds / enforces? And protects civil society from? 


The IGP has been dragging his feet on this, reluctant to be caught between shariah court, seemingly siding with the muslim father but civil court’s ruling giving custody to the mother, but  father,  when he had chance goes and snatches the son from mother’s house, even slightly injuring mother in the process. .

.and despite clearcut contempt of court. and laws broken,

IGP says, as if he was siding with religious court instead of enforcing laws of civil society.,

saying ,no laws were broken, no need police action. father doesn;t kidnap his own child.

So, it ll be interesting to note his reaction on this statement.

Probably he ll just delegate the task to a subordinate officer and stay clear lest he shoots himself in the foot.Or will he ,as usual, be a politician more than the head of  law enforcement of the country.

Yet his inaction on this matter , as was the statements he made in relation to it,  was really irresponsible and biased, according to public perception.

Causing the public to wonder , if  PDRM serves ,protects and enforces the laws of the land based on the constitution

and they are duty bound to judgments from the civil courts or can they act as judge jury and lawyer as well..?

Isn’ t it their role to back up the judiciary, their authority is to uphold the court’s judgments and not within their scope to question ?

For  is it their role to be selective on upholding which rulings of the civil courts and are allowed to interpret it differently? .

which ruling to enforce and  uphold.

And decide which to take action and which ruling doesn’t require pursuing.

Isn’t that for the courts , the judiciary?

And  the PDRM plays the role of enforcer and to uphold the judgments and hence the sanctified laws of the land.

Let politicians play the political game.

No fear and favor.the  constitution is the highest law of the land encompassing all the people.Across the etnhic/religo boundaries.

All are beholden to the laws of the land.

And let the lawyers thrash it out,whether shariah or civil.  Meantime, if laws are broken or sanctity of the court’s judgement is held in contempt.

Then the role of PDRM is clear cut.

Or is it not??


Who is going Rogue,? The institution or the one in charge?


As it is now, the Extremist seem to have intimidated the PDRM and got the institution unsure as to what to do,and the limitations of their authority.

Reluctant to offend them , or playing politics instead of policing and law enforcing , if the inaction on clear cut contempt of court rulings(civil courts,that is ) are any indication,

of the message being broadcasted.

It  is not a very positive vote of confidence on the prospects of the trajectory of our Malaysian society overall,  based on law and order, laws  that our founding fore fathers wrote into the sacred constitution, and acknowledged  as the highest authority of all.

It must be noted that, although only certain individuals are involved in the judgement/ruling  of the civil court regarding this child custody case,

but the importance and significance of the response of our enforcement agencies and goverment  transcends all and .

(A positive note has been issued by the PM’s department and MCA. indicating emphasis on the secular laws of the constitution ,should be respected and upheld).

The significance of the actions/inaction  of  enforcement is the overriding crucial message being sent to the entire country. It is setting a  precedent or tone of what to expect in future cases with similar backdrop.

So , is this a foreboding of the deteriorating state of respect for the civil/secular laws of the land ?



Legislators debate and set laws, politicians play politics. lawyers argue the laws and judges pass rulings or judgements and police upholds and enforces court’s rulings and backs up the judiciary.

Isn’t that how a functioning democracy, even taking into account  flaws and abuses,  should be ?

All institutions with distinct roles , duties and authority,  that should not overlap.

The crucial dimension that has being overlooked by the Malaysian public, ..
they seemed to have  missed the importance or significance of the action/inaction of our law enforcement institution.

Procrastinating on their role to uphold and enforce  laws onto a clear cut “contempt of court” action , because of a  reluctance to offend the religious segment and play politics, conveniently ignoring their law enforcement role.

Instead of letting lawyers thrash it out in the shariah/civil courts,and the presiding judges to give judgment.

They seem to have decided to do their own interpretation and course of action.


It ought to be  a point for serious concern for our lawmakers.

For this  message sent to the entire country , setting a precedent or tone of what to expect from our Malaysian law enforcement institution ,

in future cases with similar backdrop involving religious affairs.
Is this a foreboding of the deteriorating state of respect for the civil/secular laws of the land ?

And every decent law abiding  Malaysian ,  who are convinced that we are governed by the  sacred secular constitutional laws written by our founding fathers of this nation , will be very concerned indeed.because this message will shake  their faith and sense of security provided by the laws.



Remember the legend of the brave Dutch boy who prevented a catastrophe to his community by his quick thinking and self-sacrifice.

Who had to stay there for days without food and water ,  till someone eventually came by ,  discovered his plight and the dire potentially disastrous situation

and went to get help.

The Brave Dutch boy  legend. who on his way to school,  noticed a slight leak in the dyke , breached by the sea-water that began to slowly  trickled in through a small hole.

And  the only thing to do was to poke his finger into the hole and so stemmed the flow of water

otherwise the small trickle of water will slowly get stronger and becomes a stream that will also gets more powerful and develop into a torrent

that  smashes the dyke and a flood rushes in that can wipe all in its path. drowning all  before it in a wave of destruction ,

.( as it is commonly known that many coastal  lands in the Netherlands are below sea water level protected by the barriers of the dykes that holds out the water)

The brave boy had to stay in that position for a very very long time , suffering hunger and thirst ,  until  eventually a passerby

saw him and  went to get help . And the dyke was  repaired the leak sealed .

And the brave Dutch boy had ultimately helped  to  avert a terrible tragic disaster to his people!

“Moral of the story  act quickly and in time, recognizing that even the smallest or pettiest of events , seemingly insignificant ,may develop into something of mammoth proportions if unchecked, that could have devastating  ramification on  society/communities/ nation .

Even when one has  limited strength and resources for it may avoid or prevent  catastrophe”.


IS ISMA earning it’s money’s worth?



The more extreme ISMA statements are, the more they make themselves sound clownish,out of touch with reality,,verging on lunacy
Think that even no matter how ignorant, rational minds with common sense who are on the ground interacting daily across the ethnic divide. cannot take them seriously.they are fast becoming the jokester institution of the decade. surpassing Perkasa..

DAP dynasty ,like “The Forbidden Kingdom ” – for Malays to join, that is .. ke ke. And that seems to be the frantic message being sent out..!

ANd their statement regarding the JAIS raid on the HINDU marrying Muslim  affair? .

Come on la ISMA, not very creative in provoking.,an issue that will be forgotten in a week or so, afterall ,JAIS resolved it already,

unless you intervene and say that the lady cannot change her MyKad,coz she is muslim, .throw in ridiculous justification, and you may have  a controversy..
Your role, ISMA , is getting  paid  is to look for topics that can definitely provoke anger among the communities.along race/religion.

All news events with a religious/race dimension,is for you  ISMA to creatively  twist it into something outrageous but so far, they are not very creative.

Attacking DAP is getting old, overused. this Hindu weddding raid by Jais is tame..maybe you ought to get involved in the porcine tainted fiasco, but 2nd thought no racial angle to exploit,so maybe not.huh? .
You ISMA guys should really get together with Reduan Tee, the other on same payroll, go Yum Cha teh tarik and brainstorm, what other topics can get the ethnic communities riled up enuff that they will hate each other more.

Be more interesting then to see what you guys can come up with.

Remember Divide and Rule., only survival tip that must not be forgotten.or you will be history along with the whole lot of them.


Street demos.

if it really comes to that, street demos that explodes into anarchy/ violence , not that hard to trigger with paying the right people to incite ,instigate or even physically provoke bloodshed, then there will be an excuse to declare ” a state of emergency and martial law” like thailand , or just repackage or recycle the may 13 plot that he was a mastermind of.. then elections can be
“put off indefinitely till , public order is restored.” . may sound like a diabolical scheme, still in a quest to stay in power, .there is nothing those without conscience are capable of..

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