Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Read somewhere in media  that the Bersih organizers and supporters are described as morons and even terrorist.!?

If that is the case, then there are millions of morons,huh- across the strata of class ,age ,academic or intellectual dispositions.

I count myself as among the “morons”.


In a sense ,if causing fear can be labelled as such .

And then those thousands who will show up at the rally – will be actually protesting licensed terrorism of the kleptocrats,

Terror vs terror and see who is more terrifying.?

Pent-up frustrations of the people.

People are angry and frustration may be too  mild a word- the sentiment now on the ground is  

somewhere between sheer intense outrage and disdain , an anger from a feeling of being, intelligence insulted and taken for granted by the current and past goverment administrations and instinctive need to lash out.

Every living adult now ,is more or less familiar with,or has personal experience with, the system of Governance,and of those in positions of power.

From  the petty to big time power abuses or corruption.From a 50 Rm bribe to the Thousands of RM asked for in high places.

It permeates everything in the society. and it is a norm rather than exception.

No need for specifics,when every Malaysian knows exactly what is being alluded here..And not once for the past 60 over years has there been any real serious concerted effort to reel in this rot.

Grandiose posturing by every single administration and leader past 50 years , on battling corruption has been made again and again in fantastical but rhetorical statements that never leads anywhere nor effect any drastic change.

Is it any wonder that the results of the last 2 GEs were as they were. It is a manifestation of a very genuine impatience of the people who have had to put up and shut up post Tun M premiership.

PM Najib had his shot,but he blew it big time, when he – out of spite or political expediency-decides to court the extremist in the midst,further alienating the other communities that was caught up in the euphoria of change.

It really wasn’t his fault then ,that he didn’t get the support he went after, Blame that on TDM’s legacy and his cavalier methods with Pa Lah.

That cause so much distrust for UMNO by the non-Bumis and the opposition just happen to be prescribing the antidote.

And ever since then ,downhill all the way.

Bersih 3 and the looming Bersih 4

For it is doubtful that mere frustration or exasperation of people  is enough cause  to prompt people onto the streets.

State of deteriorating affairs

BTW,anyone checked forex and investor sentiment lately and get their feedback on the cause of the potential looming crisis in the making .

That if unchecked -may just wipe out or devalue standards of living many are accustomed to..

Just one example among hundreds, ,may be good idea to exchange whole lot of RMs into USD or what corresponding currency ,esp those who have been  saving their entire hard working  lives for it.Or may turn out they need double or triple the amount.- esp for those thinking of sending kids to be educated abroad .

Things noone is talking about considering – since average” morons” cannot understand whats going on-or what may happen.

Chinese saying ” Noone cries ,No tears flow but until the Coffin is seen!”

.Sigh ,guess so much for that Singapore -US tour I have been saving up for in RM..if only i bought US or Euros or even Sing or Thai Bahts.

Now what..should there be a worry of runaway inflation or may be panic selling till the political mess or dust settles..

Personally,thoughts on what Bersih rally should be about!

It ought to be about optimism – – Where  people come  together to celebrate the unity that Bersih will gather.

As diverse backgrounds gather in unity to collectively voice a common sense of alarm on the state of the country.

Bersih organizers should tone down the rhetorics of anger protest and highlight more on the sense of unity /solidarity of all Malaysians across the ethnic political divides in a common cause.,

To Change the System of Governance and reel in systemic and endemic corruption in the highest corridors of power that can effect a chain reaction across the entire status quo.

May not be able to wipe it out but at least do not be seen as endorsing or even tolerating it till blatant acts are ignored.

The people will respond if they see genuine efforts in their best interests and well being .

Come this  Bersih Rally the whole world’s media will be observing,as it builds up to when the calendar date of the rally approaches.And it will be good if Malaysians can show to the world what are the themes  being rallied for.

People will come out in a show of support ,  if their misgivings / uncertainty on the intent of the Bersih rally can be addressed..

And they can be convinced to  believe in the cause they are gathering for!

 HAS Bersih been hijacked by political organizations?

Bersih is supposed to be non partisan politically but focused on causes that distresses the people of the nation..

So if ,there is any whiff of it being some political party’s agenda. It will confuse and dis-illusion many.

Although , it is understandable that political entities may try to hitch hike on the wave of support for Bersih, but if thats allowed to happen, then so much for a non partisan NGO.

Bersih cannot and should not allow public perception to see it as a political tool of  any party.

At the same token Nor should the political parties attempt to hitch hike or hijack the ideals Bersih strive to champion that needs to transcend partisan political idealogy..

“Bersih” -Clean- and thats is what Malaysians want, Clean or at least by and large ,a Goverment seen to be clean and power abuses and unfettered corruption in checked.

And also ,it is what  Malaysians hope of Bersih to fight for on their behalf across the political divide.


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