Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Muhyidin Yasin !



Hmmm..So Curious , the manner in which this document is drafted.Particularly the selective words and sentences -in conveying the gist of the content.. Has a dark venomous the whole thing !

And very clear as to where /who this SD weapon is aiming at.

First off, As i am reading the SD , can’t help but noticed the name Muhyidin Yasin ! Numerous times ,
And seem to jump out of the SD.
Very pronounced.and positioning so strategically throughout document, and no intention for subtlety at all.!

One can’t help get a feeling that the,document seem to be screaming the name into your face…..
Muhyidin Yasin..!
And each time Name is mentioned, it is followed by a damning narrative description ,of something suggestively sleazy or unethical…
Hmmm interesting !

The author starts with stating” At all material times , i was “fooled” by Gee…..
and the marriage was a marriage of convenience..

My thoughts: (Well if She married him under false pretenses,and he didn’t know anything, then that ll be a fair statement to make – being “Fooled”)

(Yet , with his admission of it being “a marriage of convenience” he demonstrates that he is aware of the thing, and they actually have an arrangement..
The sentence contradicts itself already.! So, where does “fooled part ” apply?

As if he was duped unknowingly by the lady in question,but then he seem to contradict the statement himself throughout the document, because He seem to know exactly what is going on..
How is he fooled again ?

This is a sense of the gist of this SD document in relation to describing Muhyidin Yasin and Nika Gee’s seemingly sordid affair..e affair
And the picture He is trying to paint with his SD narrative.

He did assassinate her character subtly when he describe in the sentence “.intimate” relationships with other MEN..!
(plural. MEN !! Suggesting , Sleazy dame , she sleeps around , so not really respectable or elegant lady.)

How Muhyidin met her..!

1. Met in a Bar…( Dubious respectability suggested )

2 .-Money exchange for illicit sexual relationship..(this forms a cheap sleazy impression, loose morality., not some classy lady )
3.-Relationships with other men…(whooo…makes her a slut impression),

4-Then as MB awarded her a project – as Sports Minister again gave her privatisation project , and then appointed her Datukship and on to Board of Crime Prevention.= ( this touches on unethical abuse of power/position, even hinting on graft)

And weirdly , noticed the SD was stamped on 7th Dec 2015.. 6 months ago…
And timing of this SD made

It is also perplexing as to why this guy drafted the SD in the 1st place..after so many years that they have the “Marriage Arrangement” and knew about the affair.So why, all of a sudden, make an SD 6 months ago, when Muhyidin is in a life or death political battle, that started about same time?.
Thats ponderable to say the least !


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