Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

I.S. in Malaysia







Take away the Islam element here from the IS…with Malaysia..
Then there is not much emotional connection..but because of a common Islamic Faith,Malaysians have gotten involved n indoctrinated in the IS ideology..
How did that happen ?
And more importantly, what’s going on in the religious institutions in Malaysia, and what is being taught or preached.?
Is there a need for some serious soul searching of how to spend the billion dollar budget of Jakim ?

Is it religious moderation or subtle radicalism, taking root in the impressionable ypung student psyches of our religious institutions..?
Extremist ideology is not hard to take root in Malaysian mindsets, already outraged by perceived slight of their common Islamic Faith in Middle.Eastern countries ..Palestine ,Syria, Iraq etc.

Religion, Its an emotional subject ,that causes irrational thinking./anger and demands for vengeance or violent reprisals.
to counter an act of perceived or real insult,or transgression to satiate a lust for revenge which is pervesely proclaimed to be Divine commandment..
So many of our fellow Malaysian muslim’s world views are restricted to what they were told ,taught or preached to in sermons..
There are already a number of Malaysian..,who have been seduced by IS ideology and have actually gone there to Pick up arms and fight for them.,ready to kill or be killed in the name of religion and the god they scream allegiance to.
So should Malaysians be worried that the IS extremist idealogy may have infiltrated into and indoctrinated susceptible Malaysian mindsets. who find such violent radicalism appealing n persuasive.,and these Malaysians amongst us, will they be like a very volatile powder keg,that ll explode any moment unless defused in time.


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