Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

To be fair,viewing the “leaked footage” from a neutral perspective – something about the video that has a weird “staged” feel.

Body language and position toward the video recorder is ackward for a candid conversation –

Yet the “giveaway “ surely has to be  the emphasis of Muhyidin on the mentioning of  “ Najib Razak “ and “700 million” , mentioned clearly as if , just to make sure whoever watches the footage – about to be leaked – is clear that’s who they are talking about in their “candid “conversation.

Unlikely they don’t realize the conversation is being recorded.

In all probability, it could have been suggested to him to make the damming unofficial remark in an ostensibly candid moment ,to Mukhriz-

so that it can be leaked.

.Watch the video again and listen carefully as he drops the operative words-

Middle east, Najib Razak, 700 million, 2.5 billion and personal ke ke.!

Besides ,the symbolism of it being Mukhriz Mahathir and Muhyidin,discussing this in a face to face should be noteworthy.

.No need for words in this picture-by itself is a narrative.!



Although in terms of exciting developments of the 1MDB fiasco.

This latest allegation by Sarawak Report that the AG was replaced was because He has been preparing the arrest warrant for Najib Razak ,seen in the warrant..which SR also claimed the report has been verified,.

Sourced from Sarawak Report website..Validity of the documents as yet not 100 percent established.,although it already is being shared and circulated on social media.

arrest warrant

This alternative warrant below even has the  the term “Perdana Menteri.Malaysia”!



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