Matters of opinion that enables me to understand or make some sense of my country- Malaysia

Walau eh.. Tun M..Slip of the tonque or is it in one unguarded moment , He actually revealed to all, the side HE would much rather not be seen.

In yet another Tirade against PM Najib.He launches into the same old regurgitated points that he has been using as weapons ever since he began this crusade to topple PM Najib.

Although His opening remark was really a “killer of a remark!”

We (Malays) may be in the marjority but with  leader like Najib ! 

We will lose the marjority, People will not support Us.!”

I do believe that – This is the Fate that awaits Us- As long as Najib is in power !

Then came the familiar tirade about —

The financial scandals of the IPP over-valuation purchase and the TRX land bank shady deal of 1MDB.

Losing support from voters.- dropping his personal support/backing for Najib as PM

Cynical reference to BR1M

The Beholden to Tun Razak and repay his gratitutde to Tun Razak by backing Najib as PM

That UMNO will certainly lose the coming GE and Malays will lose political power and  UMNO as the champion and protector of the Malays.

Najib will doom  the Malay race and country and the Malays will not be able to recover if He stays as PM now.

Najib is destroyer of the Malay race , Religion and the country..

A new point Tun M made is that -Najib is worried that He may be arrested and face a Criminal charge for his mis-conduct.

No 2 ways about it-  Tun M is openly accusing PM Najib of being a criminal and have commited an illegal act.

Its totally understandable He is worried about UMNO losing the next GE and the fall-out that may ensue.

When He stated that PM Najib’s stubborn resistance to hang-on to  power maybe due to the fact that,Najib  may be worried of being arrested and held accountable for the “crimes”-

It may be a hint as to his own personal mis-givings as well.

Tun M was not exactly without controversy during his 22 year PM.

If UMNO really falls  and  is really booted out come next GE- what skeletons may be discovered or un-covered if there is an effort to really investigate.all past administrations mis-deeds ?

Although,in all probability,out of deference to TDM’s age and service, there may not be aggressive pursuing for accountability.

But , it doesn;t mean that ,un-covered skeletons will not be shown for all to see.

And that may be what is haunting  TDM,

If UMNO should lose it’s strangle hold on Putra Jaya with a new infusion of of completely new administration .

It is not hard to imagine that there will be cries for justice and retribution..and efforts to recover lost national wealth .

There are scores of worthy candidates from 3 administrations from Tun M to Najib’s ranks to choose from.

There must be  scapegoats to appease the ones baying for justice .!

Marginalized Malays? 

The only uncalled for remark ,was the reference made to the Singaporean Malays.

It doesn’t seem fair to the Singaporean Malay community for Mahathir to knock- in one sweeping statement

comparing Southern Thailand Malays to Singaporean Malays and others ? Where and Who?

Its common knowledge that he has issues with Singapore- esp with the late LKY but still,it

does not warrant a generalization on Singaporean Malays in such a patronizing way.

Surely the Singaporean Malays can speak for themselves without TDM painting  such a bleak

picture of them as a marginalized group,as if they are so oppressed and

denied equal rights as citizens of the Lion city.

Disrespectful to the whole SIngaporean Malay community ? But of course ,he is entitled to his opinion,

and there are SIngaporeans from the Malay community who concur but also dissenting opinions

from the same community who will like nothing more than to shoot down his “exalted” opinion.

Lest Tun M forgets , their revered former PM is Lee Kuan Yew not TDM.

It will be interesting to see if there will be a reaction from down South on His generalisation of Singaporean Malays as a marginalized community ..

Wondering how it will sit in minds and any will come forth to rebutt his statement to defend their status.

And doesn’t Malaysia have an open door policy for SIngaporeans of Malay descent..if they are as

oppressed and treated so unfairly,it would make sense that there will be a mass exodus to Malaysia.

,which is hardly the case!
Meaning-the SIngaporean Malays rather stay put and enjoy all the benefits of a SIngaporean ID/Passport

and 1st world standard of living ,top notch education for their kids -freedom of religious expression

where faith is a  personal relationship with their creator- without Goverment interference or intimidation –

and price to pay for all that – stay put as Singaporean and be marginalized or oppressed ??

As Tun M puts it succintly !

Starting from 2.20


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